I posted my first blog just over a year ago and this is Number 25 so I must  either have become pretty adept at doing the things, or have cloth ears and a hide like a rhino. You had better decide which.

This one is a bit special. I came to the Midlands in 1983 and have been with my present firm for most of the time since. But I’m now on my way, to pastures new. To a more uncertain, less predictable future, elsewhere. Still, basically, in the Midlands. I am, after all, Coventry Man.

Like going to a new school, or off to uni, it is superficially terrifying, but deep down you know you will be OK, once you find your feet. You know that you have skills that worked before, and will work again, even if they are somewhat different in the new context.

It’s just a question of making full use of all the things that you have learned, not only about the boring technical aspects of housing law, or management, or marketing or whatever, but also about how people, and businesses tick. Of knowing who your friends are, what you are really good at, and what it is that people really want.

Sometimes of course you worry that you may be a coachman, or farrier, or groom from 1900, looking at a long horsey future and not noticing the new noisy motors. Perhaps as a solicitor in 2012 I can’t see that ABS/Tesco Law/the SRA will see us all as history by 2020. Who knows? Though I doubt it. And 2020 is a long way off.

So I’m busy packing things into my spotted handkerchief and looking for the stick to hang it on. The grass looks very green and inviting over there. Let’s be moving!