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Ilott v Mitson – off to the Supreme Court

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I have reported before on the case of Ilott v Mitson (here and here) but it is an unusual case and won’t go away.

Melita Jackson died in 2004 leaving some £486,000. She was a widow and had an only daughter, Heather Ilott, then aged in her 40s, who had 5 children, a husband who only worked part-time, and who relied very largely on state support. Even a small part of her mother’s estate would have been very useful to her. But Melita left all her money to three animal charities, and cut out her daughter entirely.

After several hearings up and down the system the CA allowed the daughter £163,000 odd, and the charities were presumably left with a large legal bill, so we all thought that was that.

Well, we were wrong. The Supreme Court has just (2.3.16) given leave to the charities to appeal from the CA order. The hearing might be 12 months away, but this is clearly not the end of the road, yet. Watch this space.


Hearing now fixed for 12th December 2016. See note  here.


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02/03/2016 at 18:03

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